(Monthly Plan)
(Yearly Plan)
(Monthly Plan)
(Yearly Plan)
Services Details
Chat support
Priority support
Dedicated account manager
Event Setup (Event training, dry runs, virtual stage manager, and more)
Upgrade Details / Add-ons
Attendees Credit
100 INR
100 INR
100 INR
1,500 INR
1,500 INR
1,500 INR
Event days
3,000 INR
3,000 INR
3,000 INR
Organizer Account
3,000 INR
3,000 INR
3,000 INR
Complete Feature List / Plan Details
Organizers (admins) included
Event Recording
120 minutes
3D Lobby
Registrations included
100 per event
100rs/month post that (Add. charges 100rs/attendee)
100rs/month post that (Add. charges 100rs/attendee)
Price per additional registration
Rs. 100 per attendee
Rs. 100 per attendee
Rs. 100 per attendee
Event Registration
Free, paid or private tickets in any currency
Event Link Tracking
Seamless registration system with SEO-optimized registration page
Organizer experience
Virtual Welcome Lobby
Dynamic networking and live meetings
Concurrent live video sessions
Virtual expo hosting
Multi-track parallel sessions
Private backstage & chat for speakers and host
Event and session alerts/reminders
Exhibitor booths
Sponsor showcase
CSV upload of attendees
Email notifications
Customizable profile
Professional boradcasting backstage
Event Replay (In and Post)
Breakout Rooms
Attendee experience
Speed networking
Group Chat
Direct messages
Raise hand and get invited to stage
Virtual background / blur background effects
Branding / Customization
Custom emails
Custom event dynamic text
Replace Mixhubb logo and add primary event color
Advanced branding
Real Time Analytics
Event summary
Total attendee and engagement data
Session-wise attendee data
Chat, Q&A, and polls report
Booth summary
Booth visitor report
Integrations and APIs
Custom API integrations
Trusted By Brands
Client Logos


Does Mixhubb offer discounts for nonprofits?

  • What is Mixhubb?

    Mixhubb is a virtual and hybrid events platform that allows you to create an event all by yourself. At Mixhubb, we aim at helping you build, create, manage and deliver an immersive event experience for your attendees.

  • What features does Mixhubb provide?

    Here are the major features of the Mixhubb virtual event platform -

    1. User-friendly Interface - The Mixhubb platform is extremely easy to understand and use and provides seamless navigation.
    2. Unlimited Audience Capacity - Yes! It’s unlimited. You can host as many attendees as you want. Moreover, you can scale up your event at any time.
    3. Self-managed and Customizable - With Mixhubb, you can have complete control over your event and customize it as per your needs.
    4. 24x7 Support - Mixhubb provides you with 24x7 event support to ensure a seamless event experience for your attendees.
    5. Backstage - You can go anonymous with the backstage feature and take your event planning a notch higher.
    6. AI-Powered Matchmaking - This new-age feature saves the precious time of your audience and helps them find the right people based on shared interests.
    7. On-demand Streaming Support - If you are new to live streaming, you can get on-demand streaming services.
  • Does Mixhubb provide a free trial?

    Yes! It is very easy to get a free trial. Simply visit the Mixhubb Official Website and Sign up on the platform for free. Now you are all set to start your free trial!

  • Is Mixhubb a 2D or a 3D Platform?

    Mixhubb is a 3D platform that allows you to host a branded event with 3D visual designs and walkthroughs to provide an interactive and engaging experience.

  • What kind of virtual events can I host with Mixhubb?

    With Mixhubb you can host virtual and hybrid events of any type. Here are the major types of events you can host -

    1. Webinars and Meetings
    2. Fairs and Exhibitions
    3. Conferences and Summits
    4. Townhall Meetings
    5. Hybrid Events
    6. Product Launches
    7. Corporate Meet-ups
    8. AGM and Shareholder Meetings
    9. Sales and Marketing Meetings
  • Does Mixhubb provide an option to customize the virtual event?

    Absolutely! Mixhubb is a customizable virtual event platform that allows you to customize various aspects of your event right from the design to execution.

  • Is there any limit to the number of attendees on Mixhubb?

    No! With the Mixhubb platform, you don’t need to worry about the number of attendees. You can host as many attendees as you want on the platform.

  • Does Mixhubb provide live event customer support?

    Yes! We at Mixhubb provide you with 24x7 customer support during the event to troubleshoot all your problems.

  • Does Mixhubb provide data analytics and reporting?

    Yes! Mixhubb provides reliable data analytics with real-time data tracking and detailed reports of the traffic, engagement and buyer movement across the event.

  • What is the difference between the monthly and the annual plan?

    We have included all the features in both the monthly and annual plans. With the annual plan, you get to host more events, create more booths and more event days. Moreover, the annual plan provides you with complete support for 1 event.

  • How secure is Mixhubb?

    Data is encrypted at rest with industry standard AES-256 encryption. By default we encrypt at the asset or object level.

  • What’s Minimum system requirements For mixhubb users

    Mixhubb is compatible with for all screen types and adjust it’s ui for different devices

  • I still have questions. What should I do?

    You can reach out to us anytime at [email protected]

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Enthralling Experience. It was value for money. It was the ease of setup which helped in managing a gigantic event with ease.

Shreyance Modi Director Finance, IMC
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Mixhubb is an efficient platform with some life-saving features. Team Mixhubb is very supportive, and we appreciate how understanding they are.

Varun Marketing Manager, Blue Pi
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My experience has been extremely good both with the Platform and with the team who operates the platform for us.

Suraj Dhingra Senior Account Director, Teamworks
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For me just it was more than a Great platform, it literally TRANSFORMED my virtual experience.

Ritika Pant Campaign Manager, Isha

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