1. Subscription & Onboarding
    Personalised Demo
    Custom Plan And Subscription Handholding
    Event Setup Support
    Event Consultancy And Brain Storming
    Reference Event Setup At Backend
  2. Branding and Lobby
    Lobby Options Library
    Immersive Exterior Walkthrough
    Option To Embed Your Own Immersive Video
    Easily Customisable Lobby With Drag & Drop Feature
    Multiple Brand Videos In Lobby
    Clickable Banners And Carousles
    Custom Touch Points
  3. Registration Management
    Customisable Registration Page
    Microsite Templates Options
    Schedule Display On Registration Page
    Sponsor Logo Clickable
    Custom Registration Feilds
    Registrations Via Social Logins (Fb, Google, Linkedin)
    Buttons And Fonts Color Customisationa As Per Theme
  4. Stage
    Backstage Feature
    Add Media Vidoe And Images
    Remind Speakers To Join Session
    Live Attendee Footfall
    Pre Recorded Or Live
    Embed Streaming Players
    Stream Via Platform, Zoom Or Vmix
    Multiple Host To Manage Streamign
    Push To Stage And Remove Feature
    Share Screen
    Virtual Mic To Attendees
  5. Exhibition
    3D Booth Display
    Video Calling At Booth
    Display Pdf And Videos
    Easily Customisable With Drag & Drop Feature
    Clickable Banners And Carousles
    Custom Touch Points
    Self-Serve Dashboard For Booth Owners
  6. Attendee Engagement
    1-1 Chat With Attendees, Spakers And Help Desk
    Group Chat Feature
    Video Call With Exhibitors
    Feedaback Form For Attendees
    Chat,Qna & Polls At Booth
    Ai Powered Networking
    Networking Tables
    Join The Stage
  7. Analytics and Reporting
    Dashboard Access
    Per Session Attendance
    Per Location Footfall
    Most Visited Booths
    Most Enagaging Spaker And Attendees
    Live Location Count
    Export To Excel Feature Available