• Online conferences have now become a day-to-day thing in our lives, and organizations across the globe are hosting online conferences on a daily basis. But how do you pull off an online conference which is as real as an offline one and bridges the gap between the real and virtual world? By hosting your next conference on Mixhubb, just like the Australian Apitherapy Association did.

    The Australian Apitherapy Association hosted its 2nd Edition of the Australian Apitherapy Association Conference on Mixhubb. The theme of this two-day annual conference was ‘ Natural Medicine for Anti-Ageing.' Here’s how Mixhubb and the Australian Apitherapy Association together delivered an immersive experience to the audience.

  • Organizers’ Requirements:

    Organizers were looking for an all-in-one online conference platform to host their second edition of the Annual Australian Apitherapy Association Conference. The conference lasted for two days and witnessed the attendance of people from more than 17 countries. The organizers wanted an easy-to-use online conference platform that would enable them to host an online conference as real as an offline conference. Along with it, the organizers wanted to deliver an immersive experience; Hence, the main requirement was a platform that would boost audience engagement among the attendees.

  • professional broadcasting studio
  • Solution:

    Mixhubb offers a professional broadcasting studio that enables users to deliver an over-the-top event experience. It comes with all the tools and features the organizers require to host excellent online conferences.

    • The broadcasting studio is equipped with all kinds of audience engagement and networking tools.
    • Not only this, but since Mixhubb is a customizable platform, the organizers can plan and execute their ideas in ways they want to.
    • It comes with one-on-one networking tools, letting attendees interact and connect with fellow attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors and expand their personal networks.
  • Australian Apitherapy Association Conference
  • How Mixhub Proved to be an Efficient Solution for this Platform?

    They utilized the live broadcasting studio by Mixhubb to host their conference. The studio setup by Mixhubb enabled the organizers to deliver their conferences as seamlessly as an offline conference. Apart from it, the organizers integrated a payment gateway with the registration page of this platform, which made the entire process a lot easier and more efficient for them. Needless to say, these features of Mixhubb helped the organizers deliver a seamless and authentic experience to the attendees. Overall, the conference was a great success, liked by the attendees and guests.

    live broadcasting studio by Mixhubb

    If you also want to deliver a unique and memorable experience for your audience and enhance the value of your brand, you should tap on Mixhubb. It is an all-inclusive online conference platform that has been designed to deliver classy and unique experiences to attendees. What makes this platform unique is it offers users a one-month long free trial. Doesn’t it make this platform worth grabbing? To know more, book your free trial now.

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Enthralling Experience. It was value for money. It was the ease of setup which helped in managing a gigantic event with ease.

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Mixhubb is an efficient platform with some life-saving features. Team Mixhubb is very supportive, and we appreciate how understanding they are.

Varun Marketing Manager, Blue Pi
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My experience has been extremely good both with the Platform and with the team who operates the platform for us.

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For me just it was more than a Great platform, it literally TRANSFORMED my virtual experience.

Ritika Pant Campaign Manager, Isha

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