Where Can I Host A Webinar For Free ?

‘Webinar’ is one word that is quite in trend in today’s world. However, this was not the case a few years ago. But, now, webinars have changed the game, and literally every other organization counts on them to promote their brand, and fulfill other ‘n’ number of objectives. 

Talking about hosting webinars, there are several webinar hosting services that enable users to deliver their plans in the most seamless way. You can surely use those platforms, but can you afford most of them? We doubt it. 

This blog here is not only going to clear all your doubts and provide you with the best solution that lets you host your webinars in the best way possible, and that too absolutely free. Read on. 

Before jumping straight into the blog, let us know the meaning of webinar platforms in detail. 

What are Webinar Platforms? 

Webinar Platform

When it comes to the platforms that facilitate the planning, delivery, and execution of webinars are known as webinar hosting platforms. 

These webinar platforms let users deliver their content, interact with the audience, get their reviews in real-time, and moreover, build brand awareness. 

Talking of webinar platforms, there are several webinar hosting services that come in different subscription packages, helping organizers deliver their content effectively. 

As a large or mid-scale organization, one can surely afford expensive tools and services. But what if you are looking for a webinar platform that lets you host webinars without paying any price? 

Surely, there are several tools and names to choose from. One such webinar platform suitable for small businesses is Mixhubb. 

Mixhubb is considered one of the best webinar platforms that lets users plan, execute and manage their webinars all by themselves. Do you know what makes Mixhubb a special and unique platform? 

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Customised Events

The fact that with Mixhubb, one can host webinars free of cost. So your question “Where Can I Host Webinars For Free?” gets answered here. 

Mixhubb is one of the best webinar platforms that one can use to plan and host webinars without paying any penny. 

There are a lot of advantages that one gets for choosing Mixhubb for hosting webinars online. Some of those advantages come in the form of features and characteristics Mixhubb comes with. 

This blog is a compilation of all those features one should know about Mixhubb. So, without further delay, let’s get going with the blog. 

Host Successful Webinars With the Best Online Free Webinar Platform: Mixhubb

As we said, Mixhubb is one of the most preferred and sought-after webinar hosting services one can use for planning and hosting webinars online. It is simply one of the best webinar platforms in the market, and there are several users who agree with it. 

Now, when we talk about Mixhubb being the best webinar software, we have several reasons to support our statement. We count the features and characteristics Mixhubb comes with as those reasons. 

Let us dig a little deeper and understand what those features and characteristics are: 

Characteristics of Mixhubb, One of the best Webinar Tools: 

Best Webinar Tools

1. Three-Tier Subscription Plan: 

The first and most noticeable feature of Mixhubb is that it comes in a three-tier subscription plan. The organizers can subscribe to any of those plans depending on their needs and requirements. 

The three plans of Mixhubb cater to different requirements and objectives of organizers. We will get to the details later; however, those plans are categorized as: 

  • Start Free
  • Growth
  • Enterprise
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2. Self-Manageable Interface: 

What makes Mixhubb Mixhubb is the self-managed interface it comes with. Mixhubb has been designed keeping the audience in mind; it gives them complete control of their events. Its DIY interface enables them to plan, host and manage their events whenever they want. 

3. Personalization: 

The next feature one should know about one of the best webinar software, Mixhubb, is that it comes with personalization capabilities. On Mixhubb, you can customize the theme and set up of your event and present the webinar according to your needs and demands. 

4. Easy-to-Use: 

Mixhubb is one online webinar platform that lets users host their webinars with utmost ease and comfort. Its intuitive and easily accessible interface requires less effort, making it easy for attendees to access the platform. Not only this, but with this platform, users can set up events with just a few clicks. 

5. 3D Interface: 

Mixhubb is a revolutionary webinar hosting platform that comes with a 3D interface that enables users to bring their events closer to reality. Hence, with this platform, you can give a touch of reality to your webinars. 

6. Multi-Platform Compatibility:

Along with all these features, what sets Mixhubb apart from the rest is its Multi-platform compatibility. Mixhubb can be accessed on any device, adding to the ease it provides its users. 

7. Secure: 

While hosting a webinar online, the last thing you would want to happen is any sort of security breach and some hackers taking over your webinar. Security breaches and hacking are serious matters of concern for organizers. However, with Mixhubb, it shouldn’t be. Mixhubb is a safe and sound platform that lets users host their events with utmost security and safety. 

8. Round-the-Clock Customer Support: 

Are you thinking of the times and recalling your past ‘not-so-pleasant’ experiences of organizing webinars when you felt stranded during a technical glitch at your event? Why? Inefficient customer support! 

But, at Mixhubb, we are here to back you up whenever you feel stranded. Mixhubb’s 24/7 customer support is here to help you every step of the way. 

Mixhubb’s Tools and Features: 

Mixhubb Tools and Features
  • With Quick Registration Management, users can create their custom registration page and different template options.
  • Top Notch Networking Tools to enable attendees to connect in real-time through their screens.
  • Recording to help you record your sessions, save them and later share them. 
  • Professional Broadcasting Studio to ensure a seamless and hassle-free broadcasting experience. 
  • Real Time Live Analytics Dashboard helps you measure the success of your online event, webinars, conference with accurate and correct statistics from across the webinar. 
  • Audience Engagement Features enable organizers to ensure a constant engagement rate throughout the webinar with breakout rooms & other Interactive tools.
  • Multilingual Translator to translate languages, allowing you to reach out to a diverse and global audience. 
  • Custom Exhibitions and Booths allow users to set up 3D booths, display their media attachments with a detailed dashboard for exhibitors. 

Pricing Structure of Mixhubb: 

As we mentioned, Mixhubb offers three different plans to its users. However, one thing you should know is that it lets users with a one-month free trial. It means users can host webinars on this platform for absolutely free of cost, and that for 30 whole days. 

Moving on to the subscription plans of this platform, users get three different kinds of plans which are: 

1. Start Free: 

As we said, it is the most basic plan that Mixhubb offers its users. Organizers can subscribe to this platform and enjoy their one-month free trial for 30 days. What makes Mixhubb unique is even in its free plan, this platform offers users all features that one can use to host webinars and online events. 

2. Growth: 

Moving on to the next plan, we have the Growth plan, which starts at INR 15,000. With this plan, users get the fair advantage of some advanced features, helping users host their events in a more professional and advanced manner. 

3. Advanced: 

The top-tier plan of Mixhubb lets users pick their desired features and tools from the lot of all the features this webinar hosting service comes with. Also, when we talk about the features, the users get a lot of add-ons they don’t get with the other two plans. 

Pick the Best Online Free Webinar Platform for Hosting Webinars: Mixhubb

When it comes to webinar hosting services, there are a lot of names one can count on. However, out of all platforms, one name you can trust blindly is Mixhubb. This self-managed webinar hosting platform lets you plan and host events all by yourself. 

There is a lot more that Mixhubb offers to its users. To know more about it, book your free demo with Mixhubb, Today. 

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