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Role of Live Stream Feeds on Twitter in Event Promotions

Live Stream Feeds on Twitter has opened up new pathways for almost every small and medium businesses who are well aware of social media marketing. With the reliance of the majority of the audience around the world on social media platforms, the world is shifting toward the digital era. There are countless ways now to boost audience engagement with these services.

Coming straight to the point, this blog will explore the role of Twitter in upscaling events with its live stream feeds and other innovative ways. In addition to this, we’ll also discuss how the dependability of social media is growing for the promotion of Online Events such as Webinar Sessions, Online Video Conferences, etc.

What Do You Understand By Live Stream Feed 

Live Stream Feed

Twitter is the place where all the magic happens. This bluebird holds the maximum number of social media users from all over the world. This platform comes up with some great marketing tools and strategies for promoting brands and services.

With context to Live Stream Feed, right from the breaking news to hosting of any major live event we can easily watch it on the Twitter platform. Nowadays, we see Twitter trending for many reasons. Some common reasons include groundbreaking news that becomes viral within a few minutes, tech-related issues and concerns, etc.

Live stream feeds are feeds that are uploaded by anonymous users or broadcasters for the purpose of making them accessible to a global audience. Most of the time, these are uploaded with a description to make them more appealing to the viewers. After the description is added your broadcast will go live as a tweet on the audience’s profile and on your dashboard as well. However, the video can be easily ended by just clicking on the stop button.

Always keep in mind that the live stream feed is accessible via Twitter Search at any moment.  Similarly, if you are using any third-party broadcasting studio such as Mixhubb etc. it will appear as a tweet on them. 

Now, what are third-party broadcasting studios? Let’s have a quick look at them.

What is a Professional Broadcasting Studio? 

Professional Broadcasting Studio

In the above section, we understood how live stream feeds work on Twitter and what they are. Meanwhile, towards the end of the section, we heard the term “broadcasting studio, Let’s explore its key features and functionalities. Most professional broadcasting studios use browser-based solutions for hosting online events such as webinar sessions, HD streaming of any event, and much more.

Quick Analytics

Now, you might be wondering what makes sense of discussing all this in between our Twitter exploring journey. This has significant implications for Twitter’s services. As you can easily integrate these services with Twitter. Additionally, you can maximize the audience count by embedding the event link on Twitter and sharing it with your users. With the increase in mobile Twitter users, you can easily popularize your event or valuable content more than ever before.

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Importance Of Streaming On Twitter 

As Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms, it is a home for a million users worldwide. Anything you share on Twitter can give you popularity and revenue generation opportunities. Keeping this in mind, let’s explore the importance of live streaming on this platform –

Your Hashtags Are Visible After All

Hashtags are important elements for popularizing any event or content. Most people across the globe use hashtags for a quick search of anything. You can create any trendy hashtags for your content or event to maximize its global reach. In addition to this, mentioning the location works well for letting the users know from where the stream is coming.

Interaction With The Audience 

The viewers of the event can comment, and share their thoughts, opinions, emojis, and a lot more in the chat section provided. The presenters can directly talk with their audience, give them real-time feedback, and much more. After all, live communication is very crucial for strong networking connections.


With the fast pace of life, not everyone has enough time to watch your entire session. With the addition of this feature, users can watch a particular section of the streaming session. The content of that section will be displayed in the form of a heading.

Monetizing Your Event 

With the large volume of users watching your efforts, monetizing the event session comes into play. As mentioned earlier, Professional Broadcasting Studio lets you monetize your entire session or any part of the session as per your choice. This happens with the integration of the payment gateways with them. Monetizing means the viewers have to pay a specific amount for watching your content.

Importance Of Other Social Media Platforms For Event Marketing 

Social Media Platforms For Event Marketing 

So far, we have covered almost every aspect related to the live stream feeds and streaming on Twitter. In addition to this, we have also covered the importance of Twitter Live Stream for hosting successful sessions. Now, likewise, Twitter there are other social platforms too for running promotional campaigns. 

Let’s have a quick look at some of their remarkable uses of them –

  • It is very important for you to promote your event on other platforms too before running your live broadcast on Twitter.
  • Some of the leading social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • All you have to do is just create the URL link of the event and share the link publicly to all your users on these social media platforms.
  • The possible outcome of this will be an increase in the audience count. This will ultimately lead your event to success.
  • In addition to this, you can also use the mighty power of hashtags to make your event or content popular among these social media sites.

What Makes Mixhubb Jumps Into This Scenario 

Mixhubb is an all-in-one solution for all your event-related requirements, such as hosting online webinar sessions, live conferences, town halls, etc. In the context of live streaming, Mixhubb comes up with its own browser-based broadcasting studio, which is there to cater to your event requirements. All you have to do is just book its free trial and have a look !!

Closing Lines

Whether you take the example of live streaming or something else, one thing is for sure impacting all these. Social Media is revolutionizing the conventional way of event hosting and promotion strategies. In addition to this, Twitter searches are touching higher benchmarks than any other social media platform. Choosing live stream feeds on Twitter along with the right type of promotional strategy can actually maximize the audience count while also making your content reach a global audience.

Quick Stats

  • In the current scenario, Twitter has an active user base of approximately 450 million
  • Its monetizable user base stands at approximately 237 million on a daily basis.
  • Second quarter revenue of Twitter stands at $ 1175 million by the end of 2022
  • The point of consideration is that it has an annual growth rate of 85% this year


Q1. How does Twitter identify trending topics?

Twitter uses certain algorithms to filter the topics that are trending in the industry. Additionally, it is also based on demographic location as well as personal interests.

Q2. How can I find live videos on Twitter?

Most of the live videos on Twitter will appear to you as a tweet. In very simple terms, if someone you are following is broadcasting live, you’ll get the notification on your timeline.

Q3. Why is Twitter trending with respect to other social media platforms?

Twitter is trending in the news because of its new owner, Elon Musk. With continuous changing in the policies of the platform by Elon Musk, Twitter registers a sharp decrease in its market capitalization.

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