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Top 4 Most Advanced Free Online Event Platforms

An online event platform is what helps organizers execute their plans into reality. In fact, a virtual event platform is actually the binding factor that brings the audience and the organizers together. An online event is nothing without an online event platform. Hence, it goes without saying that choosing an online event hosting platform requires your attention, research, and time. 

Also, since there are a plethora of options available in the market, it becomes challenging for organizers to pick one option, and generally, they end up picking the wrong option.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 4 online event platforms so that the next time you wish to host online events, you know you have a guide with you. 

But, do you know what’s the one common and probably the best feature about these platforms? All of these platforms let users host events free of cost. So, without any ado, let us dive straight into the blog. 

1. Mixhubb: 


  • Customizable, Scalable, and Flexible. 
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Comes with an advanced broadcasting studio
  • Offers audience engagement features such as live chat, live polls, Q&A, and more. 
  • Multi-browser compatible. 

The name that comes on the top of our list is Mixhubb, and for all the right reasons. Considered one of the most scalable and flexible online event hosting platforms, Mixhubb is known for its intuitive and seamless interface that has been delivering online events closer to reality. 

Mixhubb has redefined online events in the best possible way, and its advanced solutions have helped organizers humanize otherwise technology-oriented online events. 

Best Use Cases: 

Mixhubb is an all-in-one online event platform that goes beyond the bars and barriers of the types of online events. There is nothing that Mixhubb cannot do. In short, Mixhubb is an all-in-one event software compatible with hosting all kinds of online events seamlessly. 

With Mixhubb, you can host

  • Online events
  • Webinars
  • Online conferences
  • Virtual exhibitions
  • Online networking events, and so much more. 

Another notable feature of Mixhubb is it is a scalable platform. It means you can use this platform to host events of any size. 

Features of Mixhubb: 

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The most notable features of Mixhubb are: 

1. Broadcasting Studio: 

Mixhubb comes with its broadcasting studio equipped with the best features. The broadcasting studio lets users live stream their events after planning and recording them. 

2. DIY Interface: 

Mixhubb is a self-managed online event platform enabling users to plan and execute their events all by themselves. With Mixhubb, users do not have to depend on anybody else for the execution of their online events. 

3. Audience Engagement Tools: 

To promote audience participation in online events, this platform provides users with a set of advanced audience engagement tools such as breakout sessions, live polls, event surveys, and more. 

4. Networking Tools: 

Live chat, live video calls, and networking tables are a few kinds of tools Mixhubb provides to its users. It helps attendees connect with others and expand their networks. 

5. Recording: 

Users can record their entire online events, save them and later use them at their convenience, increasing the utilization of the content. 

6. Detailed Analytics: 

Measuring the impact of several strategies and analyzing the success of the online event got a lot easier with Mixhubb. You can use the detailed analytics and get an overview of the entire event in numbers. 

Pricing Structure: 

Mixhubb comes in three different pricing structures, with a one-month free trial offer for all its users. 

The three pricing plans of Mixhubb are: 

  • Free Plan
  • Growth
  • Enterprise 

2. Zoom: 


  • Attendee capacity of 50,000
  • Multi-device and browser compatibility
  • Equipped with the best audience engagement tools
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Comes with a free trial

Best Use Cases: 

  • Online Meetings
  • Online Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Online Events

Features of Zoom: 

Zoom has emerged as one of the most popular online event hosting platforms ever since the world shifted virtually. 

The best features of this platform are: 

  • It is super easy to set up and run. All you need to do is download it, and you can run events with just a single click.
  • It is a multi-device accessible platform that users can access through desktops, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 
  • Zoom comes with the feature of screen sharing, enabling speakers to deliver their content effectively. 
  • This online event platform lets users deliver online meetings in HD video quality as well as crisp and clear audio quality. 
  • Talking of the audience engagement tools, it offers tools such as live polls, breakout rooms, Q&A sessions, etc. 
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This platform comes in four different plans, out of which the Basic plan is absolutely free of cost. 

Other than Basic, the three plans that Zoom offers are: 

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

3. Microsoft Teams: 


  • Attendee capacity of 10,000
  • Integrating Capabilities
  • Customizability
  • Instant Messaging Features

Best Use Cases: 

  • Online meetings and conferences
  • Online events
  • Online project management
  • Online employee engagement
Host 3D Customised Events
Customised Events

Features of Microsoft Teams: 

  • Though most suitable for small-scale online events, Microsoft Teams comes with an audience capacity that can be expanded up to 10,000. 
  • To let users expand the reach of their event, it offers them the feature of Recording. Organizers can record the event, store it, and share it across multiple platforms. 
  • It comes with multiple third-party integration capabilities with platforms such as Outlook calendar, letting users host their online events in a more seamless and advanced way. 


Talking about its pricing plans, it comes with only one pricing structure at $4.80 per user. 

4. Google Meet: 


  • Easy to Access
  • Comes at free of cost for Gmail users
  • Multi-device and multi-browser accessible
  • HD Video Quality

Best Use Cases:

  • Online Events
  • Online meetings and conferences for several sectors
  • Webinars

Features of Google Meet: 

  • To attend an online event on Google Meet, users don’t need to download any additional software or application. They can do the same just by clicking on a link. 
  • It comes with a speech recognition technology, which offers live captions during the event, making it suitable for people with hearing impairments. 
  • Being a part of Google Workspace, it can easily integrate with all Google software and applications, such as Google Calendar.


Talking about its pricing plans, Google Meet comes in different plans and packages. The first plan, which is its most basic plan, is absolutely free of cost. 

Other than that, it comes in plans like: 

  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Plus
  • Enterprise

Given the fact that there is a plethora of online event hosting platforms available in the market, choosing one name becomes challenging at times. However, one thing that organizers need to keep in mind while choosing one online event solution is the event goals and objectives they want to achieve. 

Therefore, first, start off with your primary event objective and select an option that matches your goals. It won’t only narrow down your choices but also help you achieve them more seamlessly. 

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